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Went to bus station to ck on Thur schedule – lv at 7 arr in Durban 2:30 for 400 R add in taxi costs etc and we figure it’s again break even so we extend car rental. Bon went to internet to ck into options & emailed agencies for Central Asia which specialize in handling independent trips. We also downloaded the China visa forms. Plan is to go to Durban Thur in time to see if India is ready and check China…maybe apply Fri – takes 5 days.

Noon we left for Kim. Arriving at 2 . Even w/ 3 maps this town is difficult to find anything. Signage is confusing or non existent, it took us an hour to find just the Tourist Info place and then another hour to discover that the streets are written on the curbing not on signs, ha!!! Since the Big Hole deal closes at 5 we opted to go there tomorrow, instead we tried to find the Savoy Hotel written up in the LP as “old time experience w/ old fashioned restaurant”. NOT! Either the author is only 30 or doesn’t know what “old fashioned/time hotel experience: means! We expected something around 1900’s …instead the place couldn’t have been more than 40 years old & they were in the process of ‘upgrading & refurbishing ‘ the old time restaurant! Big disappointment for me!

We drove around looking for another option but there is no secure parking anywhere…big signs everywhere warning you to take all belongings w/ you incl car radio. Freaking us out and in the end we went to the Mall…maybe 2 years old, but even it closes at 6 pm…so we ate fast and back to our very nice, clean, secure parking and economical Stayanite Lodge…the only one listed in 6 pages of accommodations we got from the Tourist Info people which fit into OUR budget.

When we drove into their parking lot they had just completed cutting down a 200 + year old eucalyptus

3-4’ in diameter, huge! In front of their entrance…it’ll be a hot time in Stayanite next summer – temps can get as high as 120 degrees F.

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