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Port Edward & Tim Looking S.

Port Edward & Tim Looking N.

Headed out in the dark but unfortunately we didn't know where we were having come in in the dark as well so I navigated us around and around and we wasted half an hour just trying to get out of town! The wild coast is not really, just very hilly, steep terrain w/ deep valleys & gorges. Hills covered w/ grass(very few trees except in deep valleys) and lots & lots of mostly rectangular, stuccoed brick or block houses w/ tin roofs - some round w/ thatch roof as well. Strictly rural, typically black Afr. living - cattle, goats, sheep, & pasture w/ some plots of corn or vegies. Visits to 3 coastal towns...Port St Johns, Port Alfred, & Port Edward revealed them to be semi fishing but mostly tourist backwaters since they're miles from main roads. Kind of sleepy, great surf coming in on rocky shores or wht sand beaches. The day was clear sunshine, a beautiful day all the way vs overcast yesterday. Being Sunday people were traveling - via minibuses or walking along roads to/from church. In afternoon in every flat open area (saw 6-8) we saw a soccer game w/ folks lining the fields all around.

Got to Durban in the dark and managed to find Hippo Hide BPers - Sheila, the owner, a real activist...built the place up from scratch over past 14 years. Secure parking drew us here as well as internet...Bon had tried doing some in downtown area at an internet where I stayed in the car watching it for an hour. I noticed that even the blacks don't trust each other, two guys and a gal walking and one of the guys carried the gals red leather purse tightly under his armpit!!!

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