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First stop, Parque Paleontologico Bryn Gwyn

A map of the walk we were about to undertake

It was only 2 km each way but would take us past...

A wild cat fossil on display

The glass pyramids look odd but all contain fossils on display

Armadillo !

A fossilised shark

The trail took us up onto the bluffs...

...that contain fossilised (i.e. stone) oyster beds

The smallest mountain we have climbed yet

Now what would this be ?

Here's a clue...

Yes, it's a Welsh teahouse

The one that Lady Diana, Princesa de Gales, visited on the 25th...

A good spread for only 3 pounds a head, but we especially...

...the pink teapot cosey

Two hours after leaving Punta Tombo we were in Gaiman. Gaiman means Stony Point or Arrow Point in the indigenous Tehuelche language. They settled here first and then peacefully coexisted with the Welsh, who settled here in 1874. Gaiman is famous for it's teahouses but we first went to Parque Paleontologico Bryn Gwyn. This was a well-designed nature trail walk through time. The Rio (River) Chabut has exposed fossils from as far back as 40 million years ago. Some are in situ, others have been excavated and mounted in alien like pink pyramid glass display cases. The trail ends at a viewpoint 125 metres above sea level. We didn't get altitude sickness. After our walk we had tea at the teahouse that Lady Diana Princess of Wales visited in 1995.

We get the overnight bus tonight back up to Buenos Aires. Our longest bus yet. 21 hours of fun filled journey.

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