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Great Photos of Casablanca

Lv at 10 via bus...

By the way...Morocco is the most internet connected country in Africa, most probably due to the King having married a computer programmer from the west, Ha...

Here in Casablanca...big city, not much of interest...3rd largest mosque in the world here completed by former King(father of present one)...the IYH (International Youth Hostel) where we are staying is VEERY nice but still cold showers, we got off bus and asked ou e le auberge de juenes and the cabbie couldnt help us, Bon said he didnt know so we headed in the direction (West) we thot it would be and just across the street from the bus station exit was a big sign "auberge de juenes" with arrows pointing the way...we followed the signs all the way just a matter of 6 to 8 blocks and there it was!!! Super! Even a big picture of Richard Shirrmann the founder of hostelling...Bill Nelson would be proud!

Out in the market place I made the mistake of getting too far ahead of the girls and altho they yelled I could not hear them...they were worried about me so tried to find me and in the process Mari was almost picpocketted and Bons handbag was slashed open. Luckily nothing missing in either case but Bons bag needing repairs...a good reminder of where we are and necessity to watch out!!!

Met a German fellow Max(22) who has been here(in Morocco) a month leaving Sun am and planning to go to the airport tomor. eve since his plane leaves at 8 am and trains going to airport not running early enuf...we are going with him to airport since Jake arrives at midnight and will stay in airport overnite since trains dont begin until 6 am!

I hope to pump Max for more info re S. Africa since he was there last year for 10 weeks...this is the way we travel, meeting folks, mostly young ones who have already been where we are going...first hand info and very recent, best way to go!

Dont know when I can upload pics since Bon & Mari are taking them (my camera is crappy) and they have to make CDs before I can upload any, not enuf pics as yet to make it worthwhile...

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