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Cute Little Fellows - African Penquins

More Penquins on/off the Rocks

Here's Looking at Ya!

Hey, I'm in a hurry!

Nesting Grounds

Where'd They all Go?

Aha, Here You Are!

Coming In From the Cold, Ha!

Spread Out Guys, I Think We Can Surround 'Em

You Go That Way

Not Too Much Interest in Us Preening

Oh, Man What an Itch!

Nesting Grounds

Nesting Grounds

Comin' In

Yeah, Good Landing

Everybody Here?

Yup, Everybody Accounted For

Oops, Missed One!

Come On Slow Poke

Yes, We've Got GS Too

Our GS Cabin Just Off the Beach


Well, our extension did not pan out...windy and no trip up the cable car or boat to Robben Is.! So we decided to head S. to Simon's Town...we watched the African Penguins in their protected area in False Bay Boulders part of Table Mountain NP. Easy to get to via train, only an hour and a half to the place - 3 hours round trip seeing lots of coastal towns and surf.

Most of the morning was spent planning our next/last 2 weeks here trying to get in the visas as well as see as much as possible. Decided the only way with limited time and difficulties w/ visa timing was to rent a car so...tomorrow early we begin a 5 day journey up the coast to Durban and then to Bloemfontain where we turn it in so we can ck out Lesotho again. Our fingers are crossed that India will go w/o a hitch and then also China...

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