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The civic centre lakeside at Bariloche

There are gnomes everywhere you turn in Bariloche

The log-and-stone civic centre houses the post office, tourist office and a...

Bariloche is renowned not only for chocolate but the size of it's...

The window display at Del Turista

This is one of the counters in Del Turista

But this shop, decided by our entire hostal, has the best chocolate...

Villa Sofia, the health spa where we spent a couple of days...

There were lots of ducks and geese there so you felt quite...

...especially with Delila the Guard Duck on duty

Bariloche is the prinicpal destination for tourists in the Lake District in Argentina and is famous for chocolate due to the number of Swiss immigrants that came here. The main street is lined with chocolate shops of all shapes and sizes, some supermarket sized. We treated ourselves to some and it would be rude not to.

We came here primarily to trek as we have done quite a few by ourselves and so are quite experienced now. However when asked by a mountain guide at Club Andino whether we had enough experience to assess avalanche risk, this was a firm NO. So we won't be going trekking here. The trek that our friends Steve and Rachel recommended to us now requires snow shoes due to a few metres worth of snow and there is a definite risk of avalanches in the afternoon. So, we found a good hostal and watched videos instead.

It was nice to relax and we continued further by checking into a health spa on the hill behind Bariloche for a couple of days for our wedding anniversary. We are back in the hostal again catching up on other films we have missed in the last 9 months. This is also because it is snowing. So maybe we will go skiing again instead of trekking.

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