2018 Winter travel blog


Entry thru back lot

Comnon Area

Front of Silos

Main Store

Food Trucks

Candy Pose

Food Trucks lined up


Bakery sign

It got a little cool last night, down to the low 30’s. We had to get up and turn some heat on, didn’t realize it was supposed to cool off that much. After we warmed up got ready to travel to the Magnolia Silo’s, the Fixer Upper people. Figured since it was Monday there wouldn’t be many people there, was I wrong. It is a good city block that the area covers. The silos are there but just as a landmark nothing else. They repurposed the building into a store and bakery, which for what they charge for items in the store it must be paid for by now. When the least expensive item is a hat at $30.00 it doesn’t take long to recoup you investment, we just bought cupcakes and coffee and that was around $12.00. There were food trucks inside the common area which is quite large. Picnic tables to eat at and a grassy area that the kids were playing with different yard games. The store was packed with people spending money on stuff that was unreal at the prices, not us. We can say now that we have been to the Magnolia Silos in Waco Texas.

Next stop was the Spice Mall which we thought was like an indoor flea market, wrong. Everything in there was very overpriced. Picked up a cup to check and made in China and cost $12.00. Same thing, people were spending money on all the high price stuff, crazy. Notice a piece of wood that was painted on the front and ends, not the back, 2 words on it and only wanted $21.00 for it. Guess I need to start using some of my scrap wood. We walked out of both place with our hands empty, to pricey for us.

Had to stop at the Wal-Mart on the way back and decided to have supper at the Cracker Barrel across the street. That was it for the day so we returned back to the MH to wait for another day.

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