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Red Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Zion National Park

What a day of canyons and national parks!

It was a long driving day and we packed in as much as we could along the way.

There’s really not much for me to say about these – the images speak for themselves.

The canyons here are spectacular; amazing formations of rock that just jut out of the earth.

Then we got to Zion National Park. It was late in the day and we basically planned the drive so that we’d have to go through the park to get to our stop for the night – Saint George.

Zion was just amazing.

Saint George was also remarkable, but for different reasons.

There was just no accommodation available (well, reasonably priced accommodation) anywhere around Zion or Bryce Canyon, so we had to keep searching further afield (all via the internet). So, it was Saint George. Looked like a pretty big city. And it was. But, even being so big, accommodation was all booked out.

We picked a motel that was reasonably priced. Getting there in the evening with fading light showed it to be a bit dodgy. We waited patiently whilst the young lady processed the people before us and then us. While we waited, other people came in asking if they had any rooms. Nope. This town was booked out solidly.

The first room she gave us stunk. It stunk before we even opened the door. For a non-smoking room, it was obvious someone had been smoking in there. For a year, at least!

Next room was ok.

We went to Denny’s for dinner. Bogan-ville central. There was a family of 8 children (with parents) who were just pigs. Left a mess you wouldn’t believe. Broke things, dropped things, and the parents didn’t do anything. Sat there like lumps.

Anyway… moving on.

We had a quiet night. Nothing really dodgy there in the end. Perhaps we were just overly tired. And we were very grateful for having that room. I’d hate to imagine how much further we’d have had to have driven to find somewhere to stay.

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