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on the way to the spa cabana

this is what I'm talking about...

view from our cabana

romantic dinner


my overgrown child!

Bali sunset


on the way down to the beach

We arrived Bali and just started to fall in love with the island immediately. We stayed in Jimbaran Bay, an area of the southwestern end of the island. Tourism is down considerably after the October bombings. The hotels are at 40 to 50% of their occupancy capacity (and that is being generous in most cases).

Everyone I have known who spent time in Bali has had special things to say about the people and country. I can finally say I agree! The people are very happy and want to talk about anything. Those of you who know me well (Drew), know I can gab with the best of them. We spent a few days at our hotel recouping from seven time zones and the red eye flight. It was easy to do as our hotel was amazing. We stuffed ourselves with amazing food. Jen even made me get a 3-hour spa treatment! This consisted of body scrubs, massages, rose petal bath for two, and my first facial. This definitely was Jen's doing, guess it payback for the trip out to go Gorilla trekking. I have to say I did enjoy it especially the massage. We walked down to our private treatment room that over looked the ocean. After our treatments we had a chef and two servers cater a beautiful candlelight dinner on the patio of the villa. It was great, and Jen loved it!

We headed into a city named Kuta. This is a bustling little city situated on the beach. Everybody wants to sell you something (welcome to Asia). I finally had my first surf lesson! I had two or three waves that I was able to stand upon. It wasn't easy, but loads of fun. Maybe a new hobby?

Everyone also negotiates rates for everything; food, transportation, hotels, you name it. It is interesting how most of the world (at least what I have seen so far) bargains/negotiates for just about everything. I wonder why in the US we have gotten so used to purchasing items at listed price? Can you image bargaining for a suit at Brooks Brothers?

We spent a few days in Nusa Dua, which is a resort town on the southeastern side of the island.

We decided to go snorkeling one day. The locals will take you out just beyond the breaking waves to the reef. This was a couple minute boat ride on a traditional style fishing boat. To get beyond the waves there is one channel to navigate the boat through. The boat captain times the waves between breaks and powers through until the next wave. At one point we were coming back in and enjoyed the wave with a surfer. To give you an idea of size of these waves, they were about head high. It was a little scary, but the locals know what they are doing (we hoped).

We spent a day in Ubud. This is a town up in the hills of Bali where markets and stores are wedged between rice patties. There is great shopping and local sightseeing here. You can buy just about anything at this town. I tried to talk Jen into going to check out the monkey forest/temple adjacent to Ubud. She wasn't going for it. We did see a few monkeys climbing on trees and stores adjacent to the temple. We had not expected to see many artists here, but there are lots of co-ops around selling paintings.

Off to Thailand.

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