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Illinois River

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

No Sweater!

Still Going!

Cross-Country Route

Great River Road

What Was That?



We start our day on the National Road through Vandalia. Quickly, we leave the road and head west. We are avoiding St. Louis and the Interstate. Route 16 is good with no traffic. We see farmland.

We near the border of Missouri. We cross the Illinois River. We see a Great River Road sign and ignore the GPS. We take a scenic ride along the Illinois River.

Eventually, I tell John that we need to head west to the Mississippi. We pick a side road that doesn’t look too bad. I am sure if I could find it on the map, it would be shaded “light grey.”

We go cross-country for six miles. Again, we see a part of the state RVer’s miss. The road is not bad. We finally come to a stop sign. There it is: the Mississippi. I love this river.

We head north and then west. Suddenly, we are in a bee storm. Bees splat the entire windshield! “What was that?” That’s never happened before.

We cross the Mississippi into Missouri. I do not know how the GOPRO pictures are going to turn out. We head to our campground. At least we think it is our campground.

The campground is an open field with no shade. The office is locked. This is not unusual at this time of the year. The rest rooms are also locked. So far, I am keeping an open mind. It is only for the night.

The price is $32. There is no Verizon Service. We’re out of here! We travel forty minutes north to Hannibal, Missouri. Verizon is still not good but this is a better place for us!

Before we settle in, John cleans the windshield and I clean one of our maps. Eventually, we are going to put our new stickers up!

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