it's off to Central America travel blog

erly morning walk around the island






a good local beer




at the split













loster traps

heading out on he boat


our cook





dinner almost ready


back to the boat




there is some sharks no not jaws lol


Kevin our boat captian



back on shore

going down


gone for another day





My morning starts off with a walk to the splits to get a few shots of the sun rise the cool breeze coming in off the sea is great, the birds busy, not a lot of people up most of the tourist sleeping in after a night of drinking and partying. A stop at Amor Y café for some coffee and a waffle with fresh fruit and a side of Bacon. yum, an then continuing my walk about the island, my group meets at 10:00am for a sail boat ride to Hol Chan marine Reserve for a great playing in the water, a time to swim with the small sharks and to feed some fish, a great lunch coconut rice with seafood. then on to the reserve, back on the boat for a nice sail ride back to the dock when they serve rum sizzles, chips and a shrimp salsa, a great day even with some of us getting a bit red color, lol Back on shore head back to hotel for a shower and off to watch the sunset at the split and of course a cold brew a (Belikin) then a bit of down time before heading out to dinner at La Cubana for very nice cut of roasted pork side of rice and black beans a bit of night life and back to room calling it a night.

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