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Salmon Swimming Upstream to Spawn

Salmon Swimming Upstream to Spawn

Nuffie Screech-In

Today we drove 143 miles in the motorhome to Deer Lake, Newfoundland. There was 8 foot fencing along the road for miles and miles that said it was moose fencing to keep the moose from crossing the road.

There were utility poles with wood crates built around them and the crates were filled with rocks. This is because they either could not dig down far enough to place the poles to make them secure or because the soil was so unstable that they needed to secure them with rocks in case of high winds.

We drove miles through mountains of trees without seeing any homes. There were beautiful blue water lakes along side the road.

After we arrived at our campground, we car pooled to Big Falls on the Humber River located in Sir Richard Squires Park. We walked right down to the river to the 8 foot water falls. We watched the salmon try to jump the falls going upstream to spawn. The salmon were jumping approximately 20 feet from where we were standing.

At night we car pooled to the Pasadena Ski Lodge. It was a beautiful lodge that was built and run by approximately 200 volunteers. The lodge groomed about 20 miles of trails for cross county skiing and snow shoeing. We had a "Kitchen Party" where we had local entertainment by a couple of gentlemen called the "Sharecroppers". They are retired school teachers who for the last 20 years have traveled the world singing their own folk songs and playing guitars. They tell in their songs how proud they are of Newfoundland and their heritage. They played for a few minutes and taught us some of the lyrics so we could sing along. We then had a traditional potluck dinner of Moose Stew, homemade rolls and Partridgeberry Bread Pudding. Doug says the Moose Stew was "delicious". I say it was good but tried not to think of moose. It tasted something like beef. After dinner the Sharecroppers played and sang more songs. Then we participated in a "Nuffie Screech-In Welcome. We are now honorary Nuffies. There was an initiation and all I'll say is that it involved hard tack, a cod fish and rum. We had Fun, Fun, Fun.

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