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Entrance to the San Diego Zoo

Relaxing in the shade

Out for a walk

African elephants

Ann and friend

Gorilla for real

Best shot we could get of Giant Panda and Baby

Naptime for the Grizzlies

Polar Bear takes a swim

I have always heard about the San Diego Zoo and wanted to go. Today I finally got my wish. Everything I ever heard was exactly right and then some. I know it's been a long time since I was in a 25 years or so, but I was amazed at the elaborate natural habitats that each species or group had to roam around in. I also noticed the majority of animals were calm. I only saw 3 who paced and seemed upset by the confinement. This is the largest zoo I have ever seen. It seemed like we walked forever up hills and down. This is a pretty good workout. Luckily most of the paths were shaded and cool.

We stopped for a late lunch at Albert's Restaurant...named for a gorilla who was famous at the zoo and fathered several children and grandchildren some of which still reside at the zoo. After he died in 1978, they built the restaurant in the area where he lived. Now that sounds like we ate in a cage,but that was far from the reality of this place. The tables were placed so the majority could see and hear a natural waterfall outside. The waiters were good, but the best part was the food. We had pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies, hot sour dough bread and soft butter. The description doesn't do it justice. Stan and I both agreed this was the best meal we had had on our trip so far. The price was a little high but more than worth the money.

By 4:30 we decided to take the guided tour bus that came with admission. This way we could sit down for an hour or so while we checked out what we might have missed on our own. We learned we missed a whole area of big cats (we had wondered why we only saw 1 tiger) and the reptile house. By the time the tour ended we only had 30 minutes before the zoo closed. The reptile house was the closest to the tour bus so we went off to see the snakes. I regretted not seeing the other tigers and leopards, but really we were too tired to hike back to the far end of the park.

This was a tiring but fun day. There were two negatives. The first was the price of admission. I know this is California, but I wasn't quite prepared to pay $40 each to go to the zoo. Of course this wasn't any ordinary zoo. Once I was inside I realized it was definitely worth the price. The second was somehow my camera cracked and I now will have to depend on Stan for photos. Of course he's the one with the fancy Nikon so maybe that's better. Stan thinks my old camera is in the trailer somewhere so if we find it maybe I'll still get to take some pictures.

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