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July 30, 2012

Heather and Dale

Today was a relatively short ride—57KMS (1670 calories) but is was very long--it had rolling hills with a headwind. It threatened to rain for most of the ride and we actually rode the last hour in rain.

The ride was through a large park consisting of scotch pines, sand dunes and heather meadows—it was very bleak in certain parts of the ride. It was in one of these large heather meadows that paratroopers landed as part of the liberation of Apeldoorn area

Above are pictures of the Palace Het Loo Castle, which was the Dutch Royal Family’s summer home from 1675 to 1976. I also have attached a picture of the Residence of Princess Margreit who is the sister of the Dutch Queen. It is located across the street form the Palace that is now a Museum.

Today is our last day in the Bilderberg Hotel Tour. It was great and the Hotels that we stayed in were first class.

It took 4 days of cycling to understand the above noted sign—has nothing to do with wild roosters—it provides notice of a “Texas gate”.

Al & Sue

PS: We may have problems in the next few days in sending emails—Hennie’s Townhouse doesn’t have wifi—may have to go to the library to send our blog.

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