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Freemont St.

This is from Fremont St, the old part of Vegas.

Finally made it to Las Vegas. The mountains between Kingman and Vegas are beautiful. They are pretty steep too. I don't mind the drive up, but I hate the downhill side. Donald was wondering which is more dangerous, texting while driving or taking pictures while driving. I guilty of the taking pictures part.

We camped at a KOA campground across the street from Circus Circus Casino. It is like a big parking lot with hookups. You have to pay extra to have a spot with a tree. Security was good though.

Drove down the strip at night to get a view of all the lights. There are people everywhere. Treasure Island Casino had a show in front of the casino. We passed by as a canon was fired.

We did manage to keep a little money. We didn't have to find part time work or call home for help.

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