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Monday morning, Sam and I packed our belongings, took down our hammock and bid adios to the no-name hotel behind Pinocchio's. Que triste. The lancha ride across the lake to Panajachel was gorgeous, though, and we immediately boarded a bus for the lovely capital of Guatemala City, passing accidentally through the incredibly popular tourist destination, Antigua. We aren't really planning on going to Antigua, so it was sort of nice to see the town for a few minutes through the window of a bus!

In Guatemala City, we disembarked and called our friends Raquel and Gustavo, who came and picked us up in the bedlam that is the bus mall. These two work for Celas Maya, but they always are around to offer their services. For $20 a person, we got shuttle service from the bus stop, lunch, dinner, a bed, breakfast, lunch, shuttle to the airport (Sam), a shuttle to another bus station (Nate) and great conversation. Plus Gustavo is always up for a trip to whatever coffee shop for coffee and pastries. He is excellent at using up spare time! If anyone out there is planning on heading to Guatemala at any point in time, these two are great and really help deal with an incredibly crazy city.

For those that don't know, Samantha received an invite to interview for the Master's program at OSU, so she is flying back to Oregon for five days to attend the interview and meet with a couple of people. Soo, this afternoon Sam boarded a flight to Oregon, and I boarded a bus to Chiquimula, Guatemala, a city by the Honduran border where I now write this posting. Sam is coming back on Sunday, and we are hoping to reunite somewhere near the Caribbean.

One other note: after summiting the San Pedro volcano without incident, I managed to injure myself in GC. Walking along and not paying attention, I stepped into a ramp cut through the sidewalk, wrenched my ankle around and fell to the ground. I was immediately picked up by a couple of people who were walking behind us, though I couldn't easily put weight on the foot, so being picked up was a little troubling. My ankle swelled up to the size of a tennis ball and there's a beautiful bruise wrapping around it. Due to our somewhat limited health insurance coverage, hope this isn't anything bad.

More to come . . . adios!

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