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This morning as we were traveling back to Mal Pais I almost lost the bike in a river, My bike only had 50% of the tread when we started the trip, so needless to say its down to about 10%. No knobbies and wet river rock don't create much traction. As the bike started to bog down with no more momentum I was able to jump off (up to my thighs in the river) and keep the throtle going to power the bike out of the river.

Costa Rican Motorcycle gang- Today 10 miles outside MalPais we joined a Costa Rican Motorcycle gang... 14 guys on twelve dirtbikes flagged me down for help, one of them had blown a tire. I gave them directions off my map, and when they realized how far they were from civilization they decided to ride into MalPais with us. So we rolled into town on 16 motorcycles, They loved the 640's since the biggest bike in their pack was a 200.

We met up with them later that night at "Mer Azul", a bar/beach party that went all night.

None of them spoke any English, except for cuss words.

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