Lauren and David in New Zealand and Fiji 2007-2008 travel blog



We drove 250km to Queenstown today. We took a short cut that saved us 50km thru the mountains on roads that curved so much that Lauren was about to puke. It was some of the best views to date (we took video) and we arrived at our hotel by noon. We are staying at the Sofitel which is the only 5 star hotel in Queenstown. It is nice to start the tail end of our trip at a great hotel. It is truly a 5 star hotel - we have an espresso machine in our room, 2 plasmas, and the most comfortable bed to date. Queenstown looks a lot like Vail and Aspen. Lots of mountains on a big lake. It is called the adventure capital of the world. We are trying to decide what we want to partake in. So far we have decided hang gliding, and sky-diving. Bungy Jumping is the big draw (it was invented here) but we both seem too chicken to do it - there is one outside our hotel that is 435 feet - you freefall for 8.5 seconds - I looked on youtube to see how bad it was and some of the videos showed people having a hard time jumping - so I think we may try it but we will see. We had the one of the best dinners tonight at an Italian Restaurant - and i spilled the man next to us drink on him as he was going to shake my hand goodbye - other then that - we have 4 more days here so hopefully more stories to tell. We are starting to become Jesse sick really (really) bad.

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