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Train station

My hotel

A fountain

Elisabethen church

Tinguely fountains

Walking around

City hall

Old town street

Cathedral window

It turns out I do have time for a quick update before I head back to London. I am in Basel right now taking advantage of free Internet from the office.

I had another meeting this morning and then did a bit more work before and after lunch. I had lunch with the recruiter who set this whole thing up for me. She is very sweet and was really helpful with my questions about life in Basel.

In the afternoon I left the office for a couple of hours to load up on chocolate and to do some very brief sightseeing. The city center is not very big so it was easy to see a lot just by walking around. My hotel is right by the train station so I am familiar with that area and started there. From the station it is just a short walk to the old town.

I went into the cathedral which has a huge tower that I was hoping to climb. When I asked to pay for the tower, the woman answered in German. She babbled on and on while I stared at her with a look of utter confusion. In the end I have no idea what she said but I felt it was in the negative. So either I was trying to pay at the wrong place or the tower was closed, and seeing as after I left the cathedral I could see people up in the tower, I am guessing the former. Oh well.

I passed by the bright red city hall building, lots of drinking fountains and even got a nice look at the Rhine river. I also managed to visit the famous Tinguely fountains that the Briton told me about and also admire the old houses and churches in the old town area. After awhile my arm was getting quite sore from carrying a heavy load of Swiss chocolate so I returned to the office where an offer was waiting for me - whew! So I guess I better make a decision soon...

Here are some photos from today. Hope to hear from you all shortly!

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