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We traveled north to Forks, Washington and stayed in a commercial campground in town. Washington is the "Evergreen State" and it is certainly named correctly. We drove many miles through the Olympic National Park, visiting the Hoh Rain Forest and Rialto Beach. The Olympic National Park was created in 1938 to preserve the finest example of primeval forest and provide permanent protection for the herds of native Roosevelt elk. The Hoh Valley from the park boundary to Mount Olympus looks much like it has for 5,000 years. The beauty and tranquility found here is one of this country's rare treasures. It is a gift of ocean, rain, river, mountains and the wisdom of past generations, ours to cherish and care for in turn. Mild winters, cool summers and up to 12 feet of annual precipitation produce the giant conifers that dominate this rain forest, one of the most spectacular examples of temperate rain forest in the world. Fortunately we have had incredible weather, lots of sunshine and very little rain.

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