Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Florida must not have any tourists left - they are all here!

Uh-Oh - A Bridge

Oh-No - A Tunnel too

The two layer bridge

The Pier - Connie on right of picture

In line to buy trolley tickets-Potty in left side of picture

Our amusing and informative Trolley driver

The Marina

Housing in San Francisco - 1-2 mil

Palace of Fine Arts

All the women look inward

More from the Palace of Fine Arts

It was breathtaking

Looking from the rotundra

Ceiling of the rotundra

Detail of one of the angels

Wish we could have spent more time here!

Pond at the Palace of the Arts

With her grandkids, picnic under willow tree at the Palace of the...

Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point and San Francisco skyline

Fort Point under the GG Bridge

Military Cemetary at Fort Point

A residential street

Local market across from homes

Gateway to China Town

In Chinatown,we stopped for a light,little lady waved at all of us...

Chinatown from the cable car

Lombard Street (the 'crookedest' street)

Hard Rock at Pier 39

View from our table at Bubba Gump's restaurant

View of the Bridge

Pier 39 - King of the "pile"

A whole pile of them

Pier 39 from the wharf

Downtown business district

Leaving San Fran on the BOTTOM LAYER of the bridge

My personal view of the tunnel

June 12th.

We found our RV park, Tradewinds - right by the expressway, but plain and clean, just concrete and rock, not many trees at all. It was OK to us as a 'home base'.

Now, I know Florida is too well populated; however, I think everyone Not in Florida congregated in San Francisco while we were there. There were people-people-people everywhere! The bridges were rusty, the highway going in to San Francisco was a six lane bumpity-bump ride. People in little cars drove like wackos and totally ignored the fact they were turning into a lane in front of 18 wheelers or tour buses. Just people everywhere. Plus there are small mountains everywhere also. Our knees and legs hurt from walking and climbing.

We were told by several people that the tourist season had not really begun, and the last few years the tourist numbers had severely dropped. (I know one reason why -they simply repaired that two layer bridge that collapsed in the big earthquake. We had to travel on the top to go in to San Francisco, and then travel on the bottom level on the way out of San Francisco. A real nerve-jangling experience!)

The three days we were there, there was no fog. We understood we were Very Lucky we had picked those three days to be there so at least we could see the sites. Also, the weather was warm in the heart of San Francisco, but nippy down on the wharfs, and down-right cold on Alcatrez Island and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

We took a Trolley Car tour. We were standing in line to purchase tickets. Connie and I thought we ought to go to the bathroom before getting on the trolley. Look at picture B8b on the left side. Note the round black thing. That is a push button, automatic co-ed toilet. Connie and I told our husbands goodby, and each went in (there were two). We did note if we did not exit in 20 minutes, the doors would automatically open. Now, not being the exhibitionists we were in our younger days we made short shift of this potty-in-the-round. Some experience!

The trolley driver was Italian and funny. David and Ron had trouble understanding him, but Connie and I thought he was very informative. We all really enjoyed the tour. He gave us personalized information on the sites and the why's and how's. We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, typical housing downtown, etc.

We had lunch at Bubba Gump's at Fisherman's Wharf. Good food - a table by the window overlooking the harbor. After we ate we wandered through the wharf, then went to where the sea lions congregate. They were honking and snorting and sleeping and fighting - just like at Sea World; however, they were in the wild and could swim away, plus they didn't beg for food. We really enjoyed watching them!

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