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View on the way upto Christchurch

Beach Along Abel Tasman track

Anchorage Bay

beach feet

another view

After returning from the kepler track and following a couple of days in queenstown, which included a pizza hut buffet that left me feeling so ill it took me 20 minutes to make the 5 minute trip back to the hostel due to feelings of nausea, me and aaron parted company as i headed back up to christchurch. as u can see from the first photo there were some spectacular views even for new zealand. i can't remember where that place was but i do remember that the little building was a church which had amazing views of the landscape - so amazing that due to the volume of foreigners getting married there they introduced a rule that only local parish members could use it to wed.

A couple of nights in christchurch and a night in the beautiful town of kaikoura, then off to nelson for the abel tasman coast track. nelson itself is a pretty cool place, but more importantly, its sunny. all the time. so the track was pretty good although a little repetetive, but it certainly was great having a swim each day even if the water was colder than newquay. by the end though i'd decided i'd had enough walking for a while so, after a thorough application of water proofing, i decided to hang up my boots for a while, which would sadly mean no tongariro crossing with views of mount doom in the north. incidentally, the morning after the first hut i found a flyer in my book which must have been put there by other trampers. it was a pro vegetarian leaflet but i found it pretty funny since it had pictures of animals with speach bubbles coming of them saying "please don't eat me" and "i'm your furry friend". these vegetarians eh?

Returned to the hostel for the weekend where i was greeted by a beer tasting competition. the hostel has nightly specials you see that included hot apple crumble and ice cream as well as homemade bread for breakfast! On the monday i got on a tiny eleven seater plane to fly to wellinton - the views as the sun rose above the mountains and sea coves was pretty spectacular to say the least. as i gawped out the window, i looked across at the woman next to me and noticed she was reading a book.

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