Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog



The Pheasant Plucker (For Me Pa)


Traditional Maori Nipple-tweaking

There's Hobbitts in them there woods

See...I Told You


Peace Dude

Traditional Maori Nose-Picking

Keith & Our Travellin Buddy

Short for Rotorua

Mud Glorious Mud

Who's Dropped One?

It Wasn't Me...Honest

Geysers Baby

Maori Welcome Dance

Maori Welcome Dance #2

Has He Got Any Pants On?

The Edwards Haka

The Edwards Haka #2

Give us A Cuddle

Seperated At Birth

We're Not Drunk...Honest

Claire & Charles

Lovely, lovely kebabs

Wake Up Brownie

We're Not Drunk....Honest #2

Sheep Shearing

Claire & The Lambwiches

Animal Rudies #4

Back In The USSR

Arrived in Rotorua still knackered from the blackwater rafting. It's probably the stinkiest place ever. Think rotten eggy farts and you'll know the smell! First night there we wanted to go for a beer so we went to this bar and they wouldn't let us in cos Claire was wearing 'Jandals'- flip flops to you and I! This meant Claire spent the next day yet again dragging Keith around the shops looking for a pair of shoes so we could go for a beer NYE.

We went to this traditional maori night to start our New Years Eve. It was ok. The Haka was cool and Claire even got Keith standing up in front of 60ish people doing it too!

The food was fantastic though. Good base for the forthcoming alcomahol. Oh yeah, also walked around some smelly geysers for a bit too.

We eventually solved the shoe 'dilemma' and went out on the town. We had yet again made a bit of a bad festive location decision as there was a slight lack of people in the City, but we had a proper good crack anyway. We started off in an Irish Bar where we met some people, one of which would not believe Keith was from England due to his funny accent. But we left that place and saw the New Year in at 'The Pheasant Plucker' which had a band playing all night. We ended up with some Maori guy called Charles (like the Prince- apparently), and we even managed to sniff out a kebab-type shop at stupid-o-clock in the morning.

Next day we were extremely hungovered and went to the Agrodome. Basically a combination of sheep shearing, bungy jumping, jet boating, swinging, free falling and Zorbing.

We went zorbing. Claire really didn't want to as she was feeling rough and Keith made her. Kicking and screaming she got in the giant inflatable hamster ball which was filled with cold water. It's like being in a big washing machine and great for a hangover. By the time we got to the bottom of the 180metre slope Claire was still not convinced but Keith went up for one more go just in case he could show her how good it was.

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