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Is this the future?

Is this the bear hair of the future?

Tudor / future wierdness

Petronas Towers

Big Towers

Chinatown rambutans

DVD sellers in Chinatown

mmmn coconut ...

camel for a camely couple

B - We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (or "KL" as all travellers seem to have to call it) and got hugely overexcited. City was v different to anything in India, all modern with flashing lights, lasers on top of buildings, fast food - sadly lots of KFC and McDonalds everywhere - but still really exciting after 2 months coping with the dirt and unshinyness of India.

It's like an eighties version of the future! All huge modern buildings, skyscrapers, monorails, alongside crumbling old buildings and smelly street stalls in Chinatown (where we stayed). All packed really close together. Was like being in 'Bladerunner'. Think that makes Claire Harrison Ford and me Rutger Hauer (or something). We felt well enough for small walk around Chinatown and old colonial district and visited the Petronas towers. It was the tallest building in the world few years ago but not sure if still is. Featured in the dubious film 'Entrapment' with Catherine Z-J and Sean Connery in case anyone's seen it!!!

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