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Charlene and Mom at Devils Tower

Charlene and Dad at Devils Tower


Prairie Dogs at Devils Tower

Not as cute as our dogs, but cute




Rod's Thunderhead

The calm before the storm

The valley in front of us

Lightening to the West

Lightening to the East


There's a saying in Wyoming.....If you don't like the weather here, wait 5'll change. We pulled into the RV park in Sundance got ourselves hooked up and settled in and headed for the pool. It was a little cold but refreshing after the hot pools in Thermopolis. The winds picked up a bit and blew most of the night. However we were met with clear sky's in the morning (even though it called for thunder storms). We had a beautiful morning up at the Devil's Tower. We hiked the 1.3 mile trail all around the base and Charlene worked on her Junior Ranger Program for Science credit. This program only took an hour but it helped us all take our time and look for the animals and things listed in her booklet.

On the drive out we stopped to watch the Prairie Dogs. We were amazed at how close they were to us and the cars driving by. They acted like the were posing for the camera!

We arrived back at camp and Rod did his usual afternoon ritual here in Wyoming....."Cloud Gazing" If you were to listen to him, you'd swear you were at a Cheech and Chong movie. Wow Maaan! He was keeping watch on this thunderhead to the East of us. About 45 minutes later the sky West of us turned dark gray and soon after the lightening that Rod was waiting for, began. That was the most lightening and the loudest thunder we'd ever seen and heard!

I video taped some of it, and hopefully can upload it for you to watch. Apparently the storm moved East and they put out a hail warning for those in it's path. Wow! What a day!

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