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The Panchakki -an Early Water System

Horns on a Water Buffalo

Climbing to the Aurangabad Caves

View of Aurangabad from the Caves

Holy Bat Cave!

Cave Carvings

Brad with Scantily Clad Women

Bibi-Ka Maqbara - The Poor Man's Taj Mahal

Bibi-Ka Maqbara Close Up

Working the Loom

Well we left the comfort of the Raos and boarded a train west to Aurangabad. Aurangabad is a small city, about 800,000. Note, small. When you consider the population of India, this is almost a town. We arrived at 4:45am but the hotel we stayed in had a 24 hr check in/check out, lucky for us. As soon as we motivated and left the hotel we went in search of Internet only to be followed by half the rickshaw drivers in Aurangabad. We finally accepted the 5 Rupees offer of one driver, Ashok. He became our official driver for the time we were there. He took us on a tour of Aurangabad. Most people don't go to Aurangabad to see Aurangabad, they go for the nearby ruins of Ajanta and Ellora (entries to come.) We enjoyed our little tour. And we found the fastest Internet in all of India in this busy little town. Random thoughts on India: They love Brad's goatee, they call it a French Cut. Cricket is wildly popular and you can see a game being played at every corner. More popular than kite flying in fact. The female construction workers have specially fitted hard hats that are flat on top to allow them to carry containers of dirt and gravel on their head. They are quite a sight to be seen. Sadly, I think this is the most polluted country I have ever seen. People don't think twice to throw their trash on the ground because supposedly someone will collect it. I think I have only seen one trash truck however. I'm not sure there is any way for the government to get its arms around the trash output. The population is just too big.

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