Farrow and Bray Go West travel blog

Cairns Lagoon

Welcoming Australia with a swift pint

The drummer out of Hanson

The boys alongside Vanessa

One for the boys

Strange Abo

Babinda Gorge

Cape Tribulation

Bray on the beach

Enjoying the moment

Mucking around in a lake


Spending some quality time with Vanessa

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach pic 2

The boys on Siska, our home for the next two days

Getting to grips with the boat

Whitehaven Coastline

Whitehaven beach, how nice is that

One for the girls......the blind girls

Our view back to the yacht

Perfect water

Faz and some of the girls from the yacht


Can't help thinking of Duran Duran

Reip taking on the skipper duties

Calm sunset in the middle of the islands

Team Siska

Action onboard

Getting used to this yachting malarky

The beauty

Python on Fraser Island, we named him Dave

Probably the greatest moustache in modern times...our guide Captain Kangaroo

Can't remeber the name of the beach, its long though

View of Fraser from the plane

The Fraser Island wreck

Indian Point

Faz in quiet contemplation

Shannon, Alex, Sarah and Olly trekking across the sands

Same as before

Boys by Lake Wabbi

Mucking around in Lake Mackenzie

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