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Crocodile Statue

Sobek (Crocodile God) and Pharoh

Egyptian Chariot

Rameses I mummy from the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University

Egyptian sculpture

Barque model from Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Sail Boat

Pharoh Akanaten (first believer in one God)

Akanaten the heretic

Egyptian coffins with jeweled bead work inside

Kim and I on a carriage ride along the banks of the...

The Nile at Sunset

Sunset on the Nile

Mummy in coffin

Mummy in the coffin

Ovis aries platyra aegyptiaca (Ram)

Mummified cat

Mummified Monkey

Mummified Crocodile


Servant Statue

Inside Casket

Temple of Karnak at Night

Columns at Karnak

Karnak (world largest religious site)

Karnak and Obelisk

Karnak Wall

Karnak fallen Obelisk

Karnak at night

Karnak Temple pylon

I arrived back at the hotel about 12:45. I still wanted to go to the light show, but was more determined than ever not to pay $33 just to have a ride when the ticket was only Le 33 or $5.50. I had a good time with the guide, but still felt overcharged and wanted to make better use of my money. I went downstairs and arranged a cab with a driver Ahmed for Le 40 or about $6.60 to take me to the light show and wait for me during the show. I just did not want to get there and have to worry about a questionable driver who might rip me off or take me God knows where. I then asked about the museums which are closed from 1-4, but reopened from 5-9. I arranged to have him pick us up at 6:00 and then pick us up from the museum at 8:30 to take us the short way to the Karnak light show and deliver us back to the hotel.

Kim and I walked out to get some pads for that time of the month. Never fails when you travel. She had to ask a flight attendant in the elevator where to buy them. There is a small shop around the corner. We asked the child and he did not know. He went outside and asked the father or uncle who knew exactly where to find them. They were put in a dark bag to help be discreet. We then went to the no hassle shop. We ordered a gift for Tanya and Noel. They will be ready for pickup tomorrow AM. We got an ice pushup and walked back to the hotel.

The Sheraton is really nice. We had a great time and decided to splurge for lunch by the pool and then a swim. Splurge - no more than $20 for lunch (burgers and fries and ice cream). We had a good swim because the water was cool. Kim had done laundry in the tub while I was touring. It dries really quickly on the balcony in the heat. She got a nap and I downloaded the day's pictures.

We went down for the cab. Ahmed was not there. A verbal shouting match between the hotel head of cabs and a driver broke out. We would not go with anyone as I had made a deal with him and he seemed trustworthy and the hotel guy had recommended him. The hotel guy called him and he arrived a little late. He seemed genuinely pleased that I had waited for him. I hoped that this would also mean I would not get left somewhere. We got to the museum. He promised to pick us up at 8:30 and would not accept fare until the end of the night. We had a good time at the museum. Air conditioned and nicer than the Cairo Egyptian Museum, but much smaller. Photos were OK and I had a good time. We finished and took a horse carriage up the street to the mummy museum. Very interesting and we met a museum guy who for a tip would tell you about things and bring you behind the ropes. This is not uncommon in Egypt. They see you and show a good photo spot or tell you something and the hand is out for a tip.

We walked back to the main museum as the sunset on the river Nile. This is one of those things that you look back on as a memory of "I remember when". We arrived about 8:10 and Ahmed was already there. We went down to Karnak. We sat on the ground outside the tourist ticket office drinking our soda and talking. We got to buy tickets at about 8:35 and then go and wait in front of the temple. Show started at 9:15. Unlike Giza, more than ½ of the light show was standing and moving through the temple. The last part was seated in front of the purification lake. I took pictures, but not sure what will turn out well. I have two shots of sail boats on the Nile that are good. One of these is at sunset. Awesome. Enjoyed the show. Here is the upshot of the day. We spent Le 100 for admission for 2 to both museums, Le 11 for the carriage ride, Le 66 for the light show and Le 70 (including good tip) for the cab. The total was Le 247 or right at $40 for two as compared to $33 for one and only including the light show. Not too bad for do it yourself, and the memories made for two instead of one.

It is time to go to bed. I will get up for breakfast and then around the corner to pick up our packages. Ayman comes at 11:00 to take us to the airport for the short flight back to Cairo. In Cairo, we go to the Bazaar for shopping and to visit the Citadel (mosque) with Mohammed.

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