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Sunday had been a complete washout and Monday was only a little better. After a shopping trip in the morning and a walk for Daisy we headed to the Eden Project.

The project was started in 1998 in a disused clay pit just outside St Austell. The idea of the project is to showcase the planet’s plant life and the importance of protecting the threatened world environments. Dominating the160ft-deep crater are huge biomes or conservatories made up of eco-friendly, Teflon coated, hexagonal panels.

Before going into the domes we explored the outside landscaped gardens scattered with some interesting sculptures and plants used in everyday life. There was also a community garden where plants from other parts are being grown and tested. We then entered the first dome which contained plants from the tropics around the world. As it was the tropical zone it was very hot and humid. The path within the dome took you from ground level to close up into the canopy of a tropical forest. After a cool down in the cafe we then visited the second dome which held plants found in the warm temperate zones of the Mediterranean, southern Africa, and south western USA. There was an interesting collection of chilli plants rating them from mild to very very hot.

An interesting place.

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