Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Setting up bikes at the beginning of tour

Connie, feeling a little nervous ....

Connie on the paved wide part of the tour

Enjoying the first rest break

Death Road winding its way around the hills

Death Road

Another rest break, dangerous "pigs" in the middle

Connie on a break

Big truck on Death Road

Conducting some roadside bike repairs

Fella to the left is actually the "traffic signaler" - holds either...

Waiting at a stop sign!

Not much room left on the road when one of these guys...

Passing traffic

This would be one of the winding waterfall parts!

View from our lunch stop

More Death Road scenery

Here I come!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!!

Photos only ... see "Death Road Revisited" (story #138)

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