20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

I think I'm losing my fear of snakes.


Main beach.

Mangrove swamp.

Probiscus monkey.


Cheeky monkey.


Low tide.

Bearded pig.

No access :(

This one will do.


Sorry, yet another sunset.


A viewpoint.

My swimming pool.

Danger, man eating plant.

Just a photograph.

Pretentious arty sand shot.

Wow, yet another amazing national park, this one based around the coves, beaches and jungle of the Bako peninsular. Sorry about the photo overload but there was just so much to take pictures of, I've had to restrict myself to only a few monkey pictures. I can't be bothered to write too much about this one, nothing out of the ordinary happened other than my usual thunderstorm miles away from home.

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