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The Birthday Girl!

A little history of Lander, WY - our home for today -...


Lander and the Wind River Mountains.

The layout of the sink and rise.


This water is coming down-canyon heading for the sink.

There goes the water down into the cave.

Closer shot of the sink.

Here we are 1/4 mile down-canyon at the rise.

Here the water rises up from the canyon floor. We are high...

The trout love this spot. No fishing is allowed. The large ones...

The canyon is beautiful looking downstream from the rise.

Magpie watching us watching him!

Cowfish Restaurant .

Our greeter!

Our appetizer of Wontons with ginger sesame sauce.

Followed by the House Salads.

Elena's trout with Israeli couscous.

My prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes.

A very nice evening. Happy Birthday Elena!

(Ron Writing) It’s Elena’s birthday and it just wouldn’t be right to have her slaving away in the kitchen preparing meals so we went out for breakfast. We intended to go to the Golden Corral in Riverton but they weren’t open for breakfast. We drove south to the new Wind River Casino and had a great breakfast there for a very reasonable price.

After breakfast we left Riverton, WY heading southwest on WY-789 about 25 miles to Lander, WY. There is a very nice city park here with a small RV campground. The camping is free with a 3 night maximum stay (no hookups). We have the park on one side of the campground and a creek on the other side about 20 yards from our site. What a deal.

We did some shopping this morning and I tried to get a haircut but couldn’t find a barber shop that was open – pretty surprising in a town with a population of 7,000!

This afternoon we drove south of Lander on WY-131 to the Sinks Canyon State Park in the Wind River Mountains. In this curious and beautiful canyon the Popo Agie River flows down into a cave or hole in the canyon and then reappears about 1/4 mile down canyon where it wells up from a hole in the bottom of the canyon. It’s not known exactly where the river goes when it disappears underground but dye tests have shown that the rushing water that goes underground is the same water that emerges 1/4 mile downstream. But, it takes 2 hours for the die to travel this 1/4 mile so it’s certainly not taking a very direct route! Not only that but more water comes out of the rise than enters the sink so water is entering the rise from more than one source.

This evening we celebrated Elena’s birthday with a very nice dinner at the Cowfish Restaurant & Brewery on Main Street in Lander. We both enjoyed our dinner and it was a great way to top-off Elena’s special day.

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