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I actually started the bike ride in the middle. No in-town shots.

First bridge.

Tunnel under I-64.

Wanted to angle the intersection. No, 2-90d would work. Guess what?

The countryside.

Trail and farm road relocated.

I could give you a design story with each of these.

Bridge #2

Spindletop intersection.

Tried to get pictures without people. There were lots of people.

The Research Center.

Just nice scenery.

The plaza at the Horse Park.

The parking lot for George.

The sign not yet finished.

Kentucky backroads. Diana drove this road to work when we lived here.

Very rich Thorobred farm. Do you call it a farm.

Training Center, there are stud service centers, boarding stables. It went on...


Martin Castle, in the middle of horse country.

Lunch at White Castle.

Attempt to get the entrace to famous Calumet Farms.

Beautiful horse farms.

Calumet pastures.

Larry got up early and went for a bike ride on the Legacy Trail. This was a project he helped to design from Arizona. Nice to have a project when you are familiar with the territory over 1800 miles away.

The Legacy Trail is a 12 mile walking, biking, interpretive trail and public art venue. The trail begins on the east end of downtown Lexington and runs to the Kentucky Horse Park. The trails are off-street and fully paved to accommodate any type of non-motorized vehicle. You might find the trail pictures boring. They are for Larry and the guys in his 'old' office to reminisce about.

In the afternoon we went for a ride around some of our old favorite roads, from when we lived here, including our little country house. Also, visited a couple castles. White Castle and Martin Castle. White Castle was for lunch. Martin Castle is a 50 acre estate. It was build in 1969 as a gift for Mr. Martins wife who adored the castles in Europe. The couple divorced and it was never completed. It sat empty for years, burnt down, was bought and renovated in the last 8 years. There are lots of stories and rumors about it. I believe it to now be an exclusive hotel of only 15 luxury 5 star rooms. Public is not invited to tour.

We are going to head south and slowly toward home. There are people and places we should have taken the time to visit here in Lexington, time went fast. We need to get home and settle some insurance issues that have surfaced. Funny, once you get in your mind you are going home ... you want to get there.

Don't worry, I'm sure we will make some stops along the way. It's in our blood.

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