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Left at 8:30 after short taxi to minibus sta. and what a pleasure riding only 3 passengers across as they are intended...laws enforce this, YES! Driver doesn't stop for other passengers and only delays were at border(Don's passport had no "in" stamp to match the "out" of Moz! - cost him 34 rand), and police ck where ladies bags were ckd. They had a large qty of fabric in suitcase, eventually she had to buy them off to get thru! Otherwise, I have never ridden a faster minivan in all of Aftica - 3 hrs and we arrived - crossing into Swazi was easy, just a stamp and no $$!

Just out of Maputo we went thru a large area of commercial agriculture(tractors even!) w/ banana, onion, pineapple, & alot of newly broken ground for? Then we came to indiv. plots w/ a man and his 2 ox pulling wooden plow, and much further on to drier terrain and brush we saw mostly minimal subsistance ag w/ primitive huts - grass, sticks, almost temporary looking - much more primitive than we've seen in the E. as yet. Crossing into Swazi & the change is quite dramatic, now much more prosperous looking. The biggest difference immed - other that Swazi wood stacks are very neatly done & tidy - is Moz makes brick(clay) & Swazi makes block(cement) & buildings show it. Once in Manzini(lgest Swazi town & industrial center) streets are not all potholed but well maintained.

I must say, the highway from Maputo is actually a tollway, very western w/ toll booths, smooth, built for hi speed but still 2 lanes. This continued all the way to Swazi but no longer toll in Swazi!

Got a taxi after some lunch & ATM to Swaziland BPers, 8 km out of town - diff to find but well worth it. DuDu the head gal was a wealth of info and very friendly. This is where Mari got her camera stolen!! Bon spoke w/ the person Mari delt w/ but no luck finding either the culprit or camera. Appearantly, there was quite the hubbub here when it went missing...was NOT the Americans who did it either!!!

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