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Denis with Ronnie James Dio at Santiago Airport

On the plane after our first contact with the band...

...about to cross over the Andes...

...on our flight to Buenos Aires

Outside River Plate's stadium in north Buenos Aires

The match had already started by the time we had arrived

The crowd kept chanting, singing and flag waving all 90 minutes

It's all action on the pitch, but more importantly...

...the half-time entertainment was provided by this boy in a hat eating...

They do like their metal here, even at the football

Dio starts to play

With a very good light show

Which is very hard to photo from the back of the crowd

Here's one of the "Holy Diver" backdrop for all you metal fans...

What metal gig would be complete without "horns" from the crowd ?

Simon Wright, drummer of Dio (ex-ACDC) with Sarah

At about 3 a.m. the next morning

Well, it all started at Santiago airport. We were in the queue at WHSmith (they have them here) and Sarah said that she thought she had seen a bloke that looked like Ozzy Osbourne. He wasn't though. Denis then noticed that the bloke in front of us was wearing a "Dio" tour jacket, remembered that they played in Santiago last night and deliberately said out loud "I wonder were Ronnie James is ?". The man in front of the one wearing the tour jacket then turned around and said "Here I am" and shook Denis' hand. A star struck Denis then explained to Sarah that Ronnie James Dio used to be lead singer of Black Sabbath after Ozzy got kicked out.

Shortly after Denis then got Sarah to take his photo with Ronnie James but she declined to be in the photo as she said she didn't know who he was. Denis then set himself on a plan and asked one of the road crew who it was that Ronnie James used to play with just to make sure that he had told Sarah correctly. Yes it was Black Sabbath and also Rainbow. Lorenzo, the monitor engineer then asked us if we wanted to come to the gig tonight in Buenos Aires and that he would put us on the guest list. Quality.

After arriving at Buenos Aires we met up with Karen & Kathryn and as previously planned went to watch River Plate beat Argentinos Juniors 1-0. We then walked 10 minutes up the main road to where the gig was, luckily close to the football, and got entry to the gig via the guest list as Lorenzo had promised.

The gig was great for Sarah's introduction into live metal, lots of rock cliches, guitar and drum solos and Ronnie James still has a great voice. We realised at this point that the bloke Sarah had thought was Ozzy was the lead guitarist. At the end of the gig we sort out Lorenzo at the front, who was packing away equipment. He promptly asked us where our passes were. We said that we didn't get any and he stormed to up security saying that he was the boss and we were with him. We then got into the after show party and drank with the band until 3 a.m. This was mostly with the drummer, Simon Wright (ex-ACDC) and also Ronnie James joined us for a bit. Even weirder is that Simon is from Failsworth, Manchester about 3 streets away from where Denis was born.

Throughout the after show party the tour manager kept coming up to Sarah to ask her if she now knew who Dio was.

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