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setting up home for the next 3 weeks

Enjoying the view-our favorite thing to do when we weren't surfing

Marc's morning solo session

Don't we look busy and stressed out!

Another day of perfect peelers!

Lisy, getting ready to paddle out.

Lisy, going for the drop in

Jamming down the line on a wave well over her head!

attempting a floater

The place is like a playground!

Marc turning sharp.

Halfway through a 200 yard long wave!

All that glitters is gold- sunset at Nexpa.

A healthy ocean.

Ah, what can we say? Nexpa is truly an amazing place. We spent over thirty days here, including three straight weeks on our way back up. This place captures the spirit that makes Mexico such a wonderful place- the slow pace of life, locals and visitors enjoying each other's company, beautiful scenery, and amazing waves all rolled into one! We were able to rent a real free standing 2 story house (casita)on the beach for $20 a nigh! We loved cooking our own meals, hanging out in our hammocks and enjoy every day to the fullest. We ended up meeting many people here that we will stay in contact with and we felt as if we became a part of the community.

Nexpa is perfectly isolated. Nexpa has no phones, no supermarkets, and the one road is not even paved. But you still seem to be able to find everything you need, and if you really crave some civilization you can find an internet about 20 minutes away. The place is just far enough off the beaten path to make it heaven! Among many other places on our list, we will be coming back here again and again!

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