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Didn’t want to leave the bikes locked outside so brought them into...

Awoke to a lovely sunrise

Was surprised Tom had never played Arab sheiks with a teatowel when...

Found a street artist painting a wall near our hotel

Inspected his work....


They have a very tidy tram system here, with grass between the...

And if you stand on the tracks a rhino on a skate...

...or a tram will!

Buildings are grand in Lyon. Like Paris

Seems to be a parking station issue

The famous water mirror. Unfortunately a small breeze reduces the mirror effect

And Tom has fun playing in the mirror

Streets are long and straight with tram lines

Monuments abound

A (fruitless) visit to the shoe maker to stretch Tim’s shoe

Streets around where we were staying

They looked great at night

Assis the local m

With the full moon

Washing time

Bikes are stored safely inside

Off to the markets

Tom chooses the oysters he wants to taste

Apparently they are very salty

I checkout the other produce

Huge beetroot

Surely this baby nemo on the fishmonger’s ice couldn’t be for sale!

Tom’s shoe stretching hasn’t worked, so time to loosen it with a...

Then our bikes get a bit of maintenance

Elvis doesn’t miss out

We walk to the wine museum. A huge building that photos don’t...

Loved this on a river lock in a scungy area

We have dinner and watch a cruise boat leave. Has the deck...

As we leave the restaurant we notice the frack of the bridge...

some text to be uploaded. But not today!

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