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Sacred places change management sometimes

It feels presumptuous to list some "best of" after only six nights and three stops, but I usually allow myself to follow my notions when it comes to writing. Here goes.

Best breakfast. Turkey bagel with a side of red cabbage, slice of carrot cake, and cafe Americano. Barrio The Neighborhood Cafe, Rethymna.

Best museum. Archeological Museum in Heraklion. The Knossos frescoes are worth the price of admission. Don't miss the Serpent Goddess.

Best shower. Civitas Botique Hotel, Rethymnon. Hot water delivered in a glass and tile enclosure, multiple options for water direction.

Best accidental cafe discovery. To Parastratina, Rethymna. Hole-in-the-wall place with homemade gyros not rolled up grease. Complimentary post-meal liqueur and cinnamon apples.

Best hotel. Castle Inn, Chania. Tiny, no nonsense, locally owned and operated, steps from the waterfront and old town.

Best tourist site. Knossos palace, bar none.

Best hosts. Staff of Iraklion Hotel, Iraklion. Courteous, efficient, funny.

On to Santorini, off season.

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