Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog

The Rio Grande - pretty ungrand

It is a Blue Heron - zoom in

Our campsite view to the cotton fields

So we did not make it Tucson, which meant our next scheduled stop was a 425 mile drive, but Tom wanted to give it a go. We set off about 8 AM and made it to Caballo Lake about 4:30 PM and Rio was ready to get out.

Just a couple of thoughts about the drive: 1) Saguaro cactus are so cool. I did not stop for photos because I have seen them many times before. But they are just so majestic and tall in the land of low growing cactus. 2) Arriving back in New Mexico was subtle but created a kind of inner sense of “arrival” home. The sky is a different blue in New Mexico.

We found a great spot at Caballo Lake to set-up but there was only electric and water. Tom wanted a sewer hookup so he could really rinse out the tanks. The next morning many folks were leaving and that freed up some full hookup sites. So we moved – something we had not done before. Since we had 4 more nights it seemed a good thing to do and it was. Again we had a great spot and we could watch the farmer “harvesting” his cotton field that runs along the back of the campground.

Our campground of choice at Caballo Lake is Riverside. It is below the dam and the Rio Grande runs at the edge of the campground. Of course after 5 years of severe drought and continued irrigation of the pecan trees, chili, cotton and alfalfa the Grande is pretty small at this time of year. We did some cranes flying over us just before evening and some blue heron along the river.

We went into Truth or Consequences to take a look around and pick up some supplies and cleaning material. The rest of the productive time was spent dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the interior. Tom tightened screws, cleaned jacks and tools and winterized for the winter. We did a lot but there was plenty of time for doing nothing and just sitting outside and watching - a wonderful place to pack it up for the winter.

Thursday we would be setting off for the last leg on our return to Santa Fe.

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