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We started our day like before, have a breakfast, breaking up, load the vehicle, try to leave the parking without scratches, checked out and accessed the autostrada A1 to Siena, Tuscany. The trip was super relaxed, apart from some spaghetti niggers and arrived safely in Siena some 4hrs later. The hotel, at the busiest street to Siena was nice and comfortable, unloaded the vehicle and took the bus to the city center. A 5 min drive on a steep road, just wide enough for the bus at an average speed of 60kms/h, uphill!!!!

The city of Siena is a tourist magnet, narrow streets with thousands of people from all continents, taking selfies, posing in front of cathedrals and buildings and eating typical Italian food, like pizza's and pasta's...We decided to do the same.....

Anyway, Gina had an osso bucco (Specialty from the chef!!!!!) and didn't like it at all. I had a taste of it and could confirm, not as Italian as it should be. A good excuse to have the original one, somewhere in the neighbourhood of Largeasse, France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We stayed 2 nights, made a trip through Tuscany, American style, bought olive oil at a frantoio, shoes at a factory, returned to our hotel, had dinner close by, went to sleep, got unwell, threw it all over, slept again and that's about my experience of Tuscany!!!

Like with so many places in Italy, nice, but if you've seen one, you've seen them all!!!!

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