it's off to Central America travel blog

traveling to the border crossing



our bus





almost there


next stop the Border

Now we are in Belize











sugar cane


heading to the refinery


the new river




on the water taxi heading to Caye Caulker








Caye Caulker





our water taxi




The Lazy Lizard bar at the splits

from last night's party lol


in we go




the split

tree jump


first Belize beer nice

Miranda getting ready to jump from tree

there she goes



kids playing in a box





Up early this morning a little work on travel blog and some breakfast before we get our private bus to Belize, a 18 passage bus real nice, was to take a local bus but our tour leader was able to get the private one for the same cost, great. The next stop was at the border crossing was a quick trip there handing over 25.00 USD for our exit fee, a exit stamp, back on the bus for a short ride to the border for Belize, there a quick check and stamp in passport, a walk though customs and now on two vans for our 2 hour trip to Belize City, we have lunch in the vans, so we were able to get the 1:30 water taxi to Caye Caulker and our home for the next two days. A short walk to our hotel checked in our rooms then off for a walk around the main part of the island, is has a small main street it is about 15 blocks long, there are no cars, but lots and lots of golf cart, and golf cart taxi's, bicycles and a few trucks and tractors. We go to the area called the Splits were Hurricane Hattie split the island into two, a few local beers back to hotel for a bit of rest before heading out to dinner as a group, then off to check out the local night but let younger members of the group stay late as I head off to bed.

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