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Group Photo in Front of Ferry

Highlander Ferry

One of our group entering the ferry

Today we left for Newfoundland. We drove 3.7 miles to where we boarded the ferry. We had to be at the ferry two hours before boarding time to get our boarding passes or they could be given to someone else. The Highlander Ferry was a new ferry. It looked to be the size of a small cruise ship. We were parked on level 3 along with tractor trailers and campers and motorhomes. We were sandwiched in bumper-to-bumper, five across. We had to turn off the propane, close the blinds and immediately leave our coach leaving Roxie locked in the coach. We set our clocks ahead another one-half hour to be on Newfoundland time. There were 9 levels to the ferry. We all meant on level 7 where there was a nice lounge area, a restaurant and snack bar, gift shop and theatre. It was a calm crossing. Sometimes you hardly knew you were moving. We passed the time by getting a bite to eat and playing cards, 3-13. The ferry speed was 20-25 knots and it took us about five and a half hours to go about 108 sea miles across the ocean. I spoke to a trucker who lived in Newfoundland. He was an independent trucker with his own rig and about once a week he would take a truckload of salmon to Maine and then he would bring back grocery supplies to Newfoundland. It cost him $750 one way to go on the ferry. He does this for nine months of the year and then he has a sailboat that he takes out and sails around for a couple months at a time.

Once we got off the ferry and down the road a mile or so we stopped at a Welcome Center and were able to let Roxie out. Then we continued to Grand Codroy RV Park in Doyles, Newfoundland. It was a very nice park with nice sites but it was just a one night stay because we will be moving on tomorrow. The park did have a little craft shop that sold local crafts. Nice little shop. We drove the motorhome only 28 miles today. Because we are now one and a half hours ahead of Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time, it doesn't get dark here until after 10 PM.

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