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Waterfall in the Norway fjord

Norwegian fjord

End of the glacier trail

Heart of the ice

Glacier puddle with flowers

Norway's highest mountain

Stave church in Lom, Norway

Dragon head on side of church

Viking ship of war

Carving on Viking Ship

Viking burial ship

Oslo city hall where Nobel Peace Prize is awarded

Oslo Opera House

Richard standing on roof of Oslo Opera House

Glass iceberg in Oslo's port

You can leave your hat on

It's only my belt

Fart'n bicycle accident

We have been in Norway for 13 days now. Since the last post, we traveled by ferry through the Naeroyfjjord and the Sognifjord. There were waterfalls shooting down from the mountain sides everywhere you looked. Once back on land, we headed into central Norway which is mountain terrain. We camped close to the Nigardsbreen Glacier located in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. We were able to hike almost to the toe of the glacier.

We drove about 100 miles on a road that is the highest mountain pass in Norway. It was quite an exciting drive! Very tight switchbacks on a very narrow road. At the top there was still lots of snow, partially frozen lakes and even a cross country ski resort with lots of skiers. On the night of the summer solstice, it just happened that we were at our farthest northern spot in the town of Lom, Norway. The town had some music in the park but the party ended at 9 pm. We were really disappointed that the Norwegians didn't party until wee hours of the morning. In fact, most of the town was closed up and quiet by 10 pm.

We visited Lilliehammer, site of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Quiet town, not much going on and you can't even buy beer in the grocery store on a Saturday night after 6 pm. Norway's liquor laws are very strict.

Spent two days in Oslo, capital of Norway. It's a nice city with lots of sights and activity. We visited the Viking Ship Museum that holds three Viking ships from the period 800 AD. These ships were also used as burial sites for wealthy Vikings. The boats had been buried in a blue clay that kept everything very well preserved including all the artifacts that were buried along with the people to use in the next life. The museum was good but the seven tour buses of tourists visiting at the same time was not so good. We also visited the Munch Museum showcasing the art work of Edward Munch (1863-1944). His most famous work is "The Scream". Oslo's city hall,Radhuset, is the site where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The building's interior is very grand with marble floors, painted ceilings and fine artwork. There were photographs on the wall of President Obama receiving his award. Oslo's Opera House is another building worth visiting. It is supposed to look like an iceberg floating in the water. It is all white and you can walk up the sides of the building onto the roof.

When driving on Norwegian roads there are are automatic tolls that take a picture of your license plate and then send the bill to the registered owner. In the past two weeks we must have traveled through about 50 of these automatic tolls. We have no idea how much the bill is going to be but it will be a lot. There are also speed cameras everywhere. It seems like your picture is taken about every 20 minutes. After a while, it starts to feel a little like a police state.

Today, we crossed the border into Sweden headed to Stockholm.

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