Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

Harbour entance Qingdao

Housihg Qingdao


Rubbish colleter

Nave reseald vessel


small sub


hand carts used by the workers



new docks





high presure jet pump on trailer





these cranes of the boy races of the dock areas

back in Shanghai











so many cranes

big brother is after me

please note this is no. 5 spy ship and we only have...

We left Xingang at 4pm and they where in a hurry to get to Qingdao this boat normally sits on 30ks at see but they had it up to 36 ks for 24 hours as they had been told that the next was navel day in the port. Qingdao is a large monden city about the size of Sydney with there tall buildings with a night time colourful light display with different colour laser lights from the top of the tall buildings made the Christchurch beacon of hope look parffeit. Unlike the other ports in China this one was right in the back of the city the city is build on a spit of land. This is where are bought the data stick so was able to catch up on my journal yes i have spent some money and the moths did fly out of my wallet. Well the trip back to Shanghai should have taking 24 hours but this time we had to wait out with the other 100's of other ships for 4 days in the fog and snog their reason for the long delay......wait for it this is had been raining and they didn't have enother wet weather gear///yes you have now head it all. Shanghai is a city of 15-18,000,000 people at the river mouth of the Yangtze river which is about 2500 ks where we are breath it is 15 ks wide. the river is navigable for about 2000 ks Thur lakes and canals is is the super highway of China boats of up to 300 ft. can go up about 900 ks the very small barges you see in the photos carry rare earth and may have come 2000 ks . I personal find the whole travfit on the river to be a surreal experience which will live whit me for ever

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