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HAd to head out to get more credit for the internet for work and so I can keep doing these journal updates. The buggers here wont let you add credit online or over the phone, you have to actually head into one of their stores to do it which sucks! Anyway, headed to the shops did that and grabbed some stuff for lunch at home. After lunch we all piled into the Pontiac and went and caught up with Jens granparents again before heading to a car show. I was quite interested to see what a car show in Sweden was like after always going to ones at home full of high performance imports, big stereos, body kits and massive rims.

There would have been 100+ cars there but mostly allamerican and mainly old yank tanks but there was also over 100+ motor bikes (mainly harleys) and even a few airoplanes which flew in for the event. I was even more impressed to find out that this happens every tuesday over summer here!

It was a first time Marie and Michael had been to one and put the Pontiac into the line up and I think they were a little overwhelmed by how big it was, the number of cars and how serious others take it (they hadnt even bothered to was theirs). I think we were only there for about an hour and a half and they were ready to go, their jaws dropped when I told them that back home that if your car was entered into a car show that it was expected to be there for the day. This one though as it is a mid week thing though doesnt start till 5pm but these guys have rides and bouncy castles for the kids, food stalls and even a band all organised, and this is done weekly! I was pretty impressed by ther turn out buy disappointed by the lack of jap imports. Imassuming that for the people here american imports are easier as they are left hand drive where as for us at home jap imports are as they are right hand drive.

Anyway we got out of there and headed home for a bbq and a couple of beers to top off another great day in Sweden.

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