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Giant sculpture on the highway

The world's largest holstein. See the helicopter?

That is a road, not a footpath. And those are highway lights.

All the rivers are flooding up here.

This is a flooded park. See the top of the street sign...

There is a road under water that usually follows the river.

The St. Louis River makes Duluth a good harbor. It makes a...

One view from the Skyline drive.

Another view. There are 3 or 4 bridges that cross the river...

A big ship arriving for a festival.

The Aerial bridge going back down.

And down

Almost all the way down.

One of the many safe harbors created for small craft.

The coastline reminds us of Maine


This is the last steam tugboat that ever worked the lake. It...

This is a coal dock. There are trains carring coal all over...

Trains stop on top and dump the coal into this dock. Then...

The explaination.

One of the many lighthouses.

The state park we walked into


The park is on both sides of the road and this bridge...

This is a year round park.

The bridge is almost as interesting as the falls.



Another safe harbor


and marina

The state park with the lighthouse we didn't walk into.

We took two days to get to Duluth.

Winters are bad here-apparently lots of people make giant sculptures to put out on the highway. In the middle of ND there is a road off the interstate that is lined with giant sculptures. We have seen giant leaping deer, giant cows, giant fish, and buffalo of various sizes and colors. My camera was not always ready when we suddenly came across one.

We spent the night on the way to Duluth in the Detroit Lakes region of Minnesota. Minn is the land of 10,000 lakes with (according to AAA) 15,000 lakes. Along with these lakes come some very big and aggressive mosquitoes (we thought Maine was bad).

Got to Duluth early so we had plenty of time to go down to the waterfront. On the way we drove a road-Skyline Ave-with many overlooks. We arrived at the waterfront just in time to see a tall ship arriving. We got to see it go under the Aerial Lift Bridge. The span raises while staying level.

The next day we drove the North Shore Scenic road. We only made it about 1/3 of the way before we had to turn back because of the time. Lots of little harbors. There are several state parks along the drive-but the state was closed for budget fights. So every one was parking on the shoulder and walking into the parks. We walked into one of the parks. It was the park with the biggest waterfall and the waterfall closest to the road. There was a lighthouse we passed on. The rest of the state parks were further up the road then we made it.

So Duluth was a success.

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