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Moraine Creek and Mount Temple


1st Vermilion Lake and Mount Rundle










Muskrat approaching



After a non-existent summer in 2010, followed by a long, cold winter, followed by a wet, cool spring, we're hoping that we might actually get a summer this year! As part of our volunteer work in Banff National Park, we are going to spend a couple of evenings monitoring Harlequin Ducks on Moraine Creek. Summer Solstice evening was training night and Pam headed to the Park to get the scoop on what we would be doing (basically, sitting in a chair looking for ducks). Following the training, she helped one of the Park's Staff set up cameras to monitor Texas Gates. Apparently the carnivores have been crossing the Texas Gates and the Park wants to get some photographic evidence. Hard to visualize a Grizzly Bear stepping gingerly on rungs as it sneaks over the gate....... When the volunteer work was done, Pam set out for Vermilion Lakes to check out the evening light. The pink sun glow was finished but the light on the lakes and Mount Rundle was still great for photos!

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