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June 25/ 10

We have been here in Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) for five days now, and have had the pleasure of meeting up with Samson and the staff at Women for Change. We are very impressed with the local organization so far! We're in the process of preparing for our time as volunteer nurses in the rural town of Lundazi, which is a two-day drive north-east of here.

We will be making the journey with Samson, who is a really great guy from WFC...we will probably be departing early next week, though the date of departure seems to continually change!

We are "busy" (trying to figure out how to extend our vistor's visa, how to have banking/ cash access in Lundazi, and preparing for rural living without shops and conveniences) though it feels as though we are waiting...we are ready to get going, and a little restless.

The poverty is more apparent here.

There are people who are obviously without food and shelter. People with deformities and ailments that are more apparent. The streets are busy, dusty, and people people everywhere.

We are now staying in a Backpackers hostel, which has chickens (and much to Shaun's frustration) two roosters...who start cockle-doodle-doing at precisely 04:20 every morning. Shaun's looking to hire a hit-man to knock off the roosters, but I don't think that's a good way to make friends here ;)

We went to the Zambian National Museum today, and learned a fair bit about the history of this country. I am not proud of white mans' presence and history with the Africans...but it was very interesting learning about the Bantu/ traditional ways of life, as well as their superstitions and medicine. The tribal peoples are steeped in beliefs of Witchcraft, and the museum had a large section displaying their various "witchcraft items".

The kids have got to be the cutest of ANYWHERE I've seen. And the women are so friendly and beautiful. And everyone dresses with such pride.

It's now time to put my barber hat on, and then we'll be going to a local cafe to watch Brazil kick ass at the next World Cup game.

So long for now...

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