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We crossed over into Argentina across the Andes. This was a low pass of only about 4,000 feet, but it was cold and snow was still on the ground. We met a Brazilian on the cross and I asked him about the gasohol situation in Brazil. He said as long as I bought super gasoline that there is no alcohol in it. so we will see.

We made it to the first city in Argentina and parked in the National park on a lake of the same name. Boy was it windy. We watched three men fish right where I was going to fish, catch huge rainbows, 20+ inches. Talked to them and got some good info on what I needed to do to fish in Argentina.

Drove to Bariloche the next day and found a campground on the lake near the city. Made contact with John and Sharon and arrangements to meet them the next day. We met with John and Sharon and moved to another campground near the Lake. It also was the place that we were going to have a Christmas eve dinner and celebration.

Met Juan the fishing guide, who is also the owner of the restaurante La Petunia, for the celebration. At dinner, which lasted till midnight with fire works and all, we had a wonderful combination of many types of fish, soups and crepes. Toped off with a great bottle of Argentinian Wine and Champagne.

Additional comments further south to Ushuaia:

We continued our journey south on Ruta 40 we had some long streaches with vast views of grass land and guanacos, and Rheas feeding. Wow. Patagonia. We camped at a couple of Estancias along the way, had a tire go flat on me. Got it repaired and then it went flat again.... oh well. Life on the road.

We stopped at a couple of the parks along the way, saw some great glaciers and caught a glympse of mt Fitzroy. Visited the cities of Chaitan, and Calafete. Moved down ruta 40 on gravel roads..I really got tired of driving ripio. I am sure we shook some of the life out of Paco as well as us along the way. We had horrendous winds, which Patagonia is famous for, which we didn't know what that really ment. Karla's car door flew open so hard at a gas station that it broke the glass on the pump, $40.00. We then continued south west into Chile to see Torres del Paine National park. We got lucky and snagged a great Estancia to camp at right in front of the most beautiful view of the Towers...

We then continued to Puerto Natales, in Chile for gas and Money then onto Punta Arenas. We finally found a free site outside of town. Jack and Sharon were concerned about Ewok and took time the next day to find a vet. We went to a Penquin colony. The next day I bought two new tires at the duty free port.. That night we found out that Ewok was really sick with Lymphoma. Meds had been given to her and John and Sharon had to come back to Punta Arenas in a week to find out the final test results. So we all decided to continue on down to Ushuaia together. It took a ferry crossing and more miles of ripio and a couple of days to get to Ushuaia... We made it to the END OF the World on January 7, 2010.

Karla and I had made reservations to do a trip to the Antarctic. We made payments and picked up information for the trip, that afternoon. John and Sharon went on ahead to find the campsite. Later that afternoon we had a Argentinian Steak to celebrate our accomplishment.

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