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Illinois has winery's too. It is a trend that is growing each...

Grapes in the rolling hill country of northwestern Illinois.

Rita, Gale, and Gerry at vinyard.

Downtown Galena.

As it says. Oldest house. Of course some woodwork has been restored....

A stone street downhill from the street above. Of course closed to...

Two good lookin' chicks on the streets of Galena.

Looking down from the park to the downtown of Galena.

Beautiful town park down the river with monuments, gazibo, and gardens.

Statue of US Grant a local citizen for a time.

A cannon from Ft. Sumpter.

Another carved bust of Grant.

A Civil War field artillery piece. Looks like Gale is sighting it...

This is a fresh water spring flowing from the limestone rock.

Gale, Dale, and Rita at the artesian spring.

A waterwheel mounted by the spring.

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